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Second Wind-Finish Strong, Inc.


Training and inspiring people to be strong finishers in their journeys..



To "redefine the possible" for success with people, teams, and organizations.


Accomplished Through

Professional speaking and training focused on personal, professional and leadership development.

Pete Folch

Founder & President




M: 407-733-8121


Who is Pete Folch:  Keynote speaker & published author| Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer | 36 years experience in food service, including 21+ years with Darden Restaurants | Expertise in design, development and delivery of management training and leadership development | Greatest career accomplishment: Revitalizing team energy and transforming culture for 55,000+ employees in over 400 restaurants in the U.S. & Canada | 100K Ultra-Marathoner | Coaches & trains runners to complete distances up to the marathon | Blessed by my wife Lisa 33+ years, my son Isaac, my daughter Tessa and Tessa's husband our son-in-law Eduardo!

Pete always likes to use energy, creativity and fun to keep everyone engaged and learning!

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Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer 

Pete is part of the original founding class of Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainers (2013). Pete is also a co-author of "Ziglar Legacy: 1st Class All The Way"

Core Values


Integrity – It all starts with integrity. In building trust, we resolve to always do the right thing, to be honest and forthright, and follow-through on all of our commitments.


Service – Being of service is our pleasure. We treat people as special and appreciated by giving of ourselves, doing more than expected, anticipating needs, and making a difference.


Excellence – Every program developed, every presentation given, every service provided will uphold the highest standards. We are also dedicated to continuous improvement.


Words of Life – We believe in promoting and presenting words that are encouraging, positive, that build up, and edify individuals and teams. Words can be powerful and alter the course of someone’s life.


Relationships – We desire to always be developing and building strong relationships with everyone we serve, support and build a friendship with.


Perseverance - Big goals, significant achievements and worthy life pursuits require perseverance! We know there is life-changing power when a person has the courage and resolve to embrace a challenging situation, stay with it and do the right thing.


Passion – What we do is done with “heart and soul.” The best training experiences and service can happen with genuine sincere enthusiasm delivered from a heart full of joy and a spirit that cares about the learner!

You've got a Second Wind in you! Finish Strong!
As of Fall 2022, Pete has trained 47 people to run their first half-marathon or full marathon! 100% of the folks Pete has trained complete their distances. Pete know what it takes to FINISH STRONG
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