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THANK YOU to so many for your support, feedback, encouragement and coaching so Second Wind-Finish Strong, Inc can keep improving our service delivery. We are excited, as there is a lot going on with development and investing others' lives. Here are a few updates:

*Given the current situation with the Coronavirus, all classes and coaching will be on-line or via the phone. Please stay protected! 

Pete offers creativity and flexibility with all of his "live" keynote presentations and all of his classroom training workshops! Pete is now able to present them in an on-line environment. The following coaching sessions can be done over the phone or on-line:   1. Defining Your Purpose -  2. Priority Management  -  3. Goal Setting & Achievement  -  4. Being the Best  -  5. Leadership Fundamentals  -  6. Engaging Your Team  -  7. Personal Revitalization  -  8. Building Self-Confidence  -  9. Developing Endurance  -  10. Getting to Your Finish Line



NEWS FLASH 2    100% of "first-time" Half-marathoners and Marathoners Pete has trained FINISH!! ALL 45 new runners in last 7 years have FINISHED STRONG!!


Pete has had the pleasure of leading a running/walking group at his church for 9 years. About 7 years ago some in the group started to become interested in trying their first half-marathon,,,,and then some became interested in attempting 26.2 miles! To date, Pete has trained 45 people to run their first half or full distance marathon! Pete has trained a wide diversity of folks and has a 100% success rate with his "first-time" runners finishing their distances. In most of the cases Pete will train and run the race with those he coaches. Pete provides powerful training advice and wisdom, positive mental visualization and powerful ENCOURAGEMENT and MOTIVATION!!....so everyone FINISHES STRONG!!



NEWS FLASH 3 Pete has been invited back "LIVE on the radio" with Debbie O'Brien show AM1520 WBZW-Orlando    

Pete is very grateful to be invited back on the air again at WBZW AM 1520 radioFor his last show, Pete was asked to speak about the topic of GOALS. Pete covered the following topics in this live interview:

  • Why set goals in your life?

  • How goal setting can transform your life

  • Why don’t more people set goals?

  • What are obstacles?

  • What is the difference between a dream and a goal?

  • The 7-Step Goal Setting Procedure

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NEWS FLASH 4  Pete presented at the 101st National Convention of The National Exchange Club in Norfolk, VA  
Pete was very grateful to be invited back again to speak and present for the National Exchange Club. The National Exchange Club is the only service organization exclusively serving communities in the United States. More than 630 local clubs throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico provide individuals with opportunities to use their time and talents to benefit their local communities and the country as a whole. Exchange’s Core Values are family, community, and country. Through the Programs of Service – Americanism, Community Service, and Youth Programs – members support activities that benefit youth, promote pride in our country, and honor military and public service providers, to name a few. Exchange’s National Project is the prevention of child abuse.