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Frequently Asked Questions








Is Second Wind-Finish Strong, Inc. about training distance runners/athletes?

Our training and personal development programs are focused on PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT for business professionals, teams, leaders, students, as well as athletes and runners.  The transformational skills taught will help you professionally on the job and outside the job as you lead your life…..helping you be a "strong finisher" with any endeavor in your life!



What is the significance of "Second Wind"?

We facilitate a "Second Wind" for you and your team when we tangibly teach/train:

>New skills, >A better way of getting to that desired result, >A renewed sense of purpose, >New confidence, >Refreshed attitude and motivation, >Building better relationships, working as a team, >New encouragement, >“Redefining the possible”……and put yourself in position to go much further than expected.



What is the significance of "Finish Strong"?

Built into all of our messages and training classes is the emphasis on continual progress and sustaining the new momentum  g....getting even stronger!  It's not about having a one-time event where everyone gets excited, then goes home and nothing changes. It’s about having lasting impact that continues on well after the training. Get to your goal...finish strong!



Can you customize your keynotes and workshops?

Yes…Due diligence is done to carefully understand the training/development opportunity and the audience to make sure the keynote, workshop or coaching hits the target need.


How does your training impact business performance & the bottom line? SHOW ME THE MONEY

Schedule an appointment with me and in 15 minutes, I will share powerful real-time financial impact as it relates to:

  • Employee engagement

  • Productivity

  • Product Quality

  • Turnover

  • Service Delivery

  • Business growth

  • Earnings per share

  • Retention of your best employees



My team could use some encouragement as they are battling feelings of fatigue, low motivation and energy, low confidence, and wanting to give up on the “journey”…….are you able to help?

Give me a call, I have experience in helping people with personal and team revitalization! I can help individuals and teams get back in their “in race” and get to the “finish line” of their goals and pursuits. CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW!



My team is needs help bouncing back from the "pandemic situation" we are experiencing in 2020 and adjusting to the "new normal." Do you have any thing for the times we are in? My two new programs called "Running Your Race With A Crooked Ankle" (Leadership Development) and "The Spirit of the Comeback!" (Personal Development) targets helping people, teams and organizations successfully rebound and thrive in  the new normal! CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW!


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