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Professionals Served


Since Fall of 2014, it has been a joy to serve individuals, teams and organizations representing the following industries with our training and coaching services:


  • Restaurants/Food Service


  • Hotel and Tourism


  • Real Estate


  • Financial Services


  • Health Care


  • Retail


  • IT/Computer Support


  • Non-profit Outreach


  • Construction Management


  • Speakers/Trainers


  • Professional Athletes/Coaches


  • Maintenance Contracting


  • High School/College Students


  • Engineering


  • Education


  • Ministry/Clergy


  • Direct Sales/Marketing

  • Insurance

  • Entertainers/Artists

  • Business Owners


“We have used Pete’s Leadership Development classes for 3 years now and our team looks forward to each seminar. Pete truly makes the class personable, adapts the seminar to your industry’s common terms while adding fun all at the same time. He is impactful and after each session our team was on fire to make a difference. We highly recommend him for any of your company’s leadership development needs.”


Tammy Valdes, Vice President of Operations - Earl of Sandwich

Feedback from Those Served


The following list represents a summary of unsolicited feedback sent in from participants in our workshops and other training events:


  • “Awesome”… “Amazing”


  • “Perfect timing for our organization”


  • “Truly helpful” …“Uplifting”


  • “Enjoyed you and your class!”


  • “I attended one of the best seminars today”


  • “Worth the time and money.”


  • “Desperately needed”


  • “Seminar was great!”


  • “I was able to formulate goals and make new acquaintances”


  • “Thank you to you and Lisa (Pete’s wife) for being gracious hosts and facilitators”


  • “Length of your class was just right”


  • “Wish others on my team could have made this workshop.”


  • “Loved your class….loved your energy!”


  • “I needed this for my motivation!”


  • “Grateful to attend your class! I need the focus!”


  • "I liked the atmosphere in the classroom

  • "Can you come work for us full time?"         

  • "We want to invite you back for more sessions!"

  •                                  Pete supported Dr. Clara                                             Walters with providing content                                     for a new book called                                                  "Leadership That Restores                                           Hope in Public Schools in the                                     African American Community."                                     Pete formulated the “BEACON                                   OF HOPE - Seeds to Plant” and                           defining the “PROMISE OF                                          GREATNESS - Leadership                                          Actions” to facilitate powerful revitalization of school culture & climate. Pursing revitalization of culture & climate will ultimately change lives, positively impact the direction students will pursue, and change communities for the better!                                                                          









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